What is derping on?

2015-12-23 10:20:46 by Lethalix

First off...Merry Christmas! :3


There's a lot of things going on in my life at the moment. a lot of cool stuff and some bad stuff. But some of the cool stuff is, if you didn't know, the recording label i'm in, is gonna reach 100 subs on YouTube soon. Most people will say that 100 subs is nothing. Think about it. a 100 people in together listening to music YOU've made is pretty cool, right? thought so! xD

(btw if you wonna check out our recording label just search for Ocular Sounds on YouTube)

also, i'm getting a lot better at making music! i NEVER thought one of my track would reach 16.000 views! Thanks to everyone! :)


btw later today i'll release something and a little christmas gift tomorrow! :D


- Lethalix (With the Fedora)


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2015-12-23 10:50:49

Merry Christmas!

100 subs are quite a goal... and good luck for all!

Lethalix responds:

Thanks :D


2015-12-27 22:31:40

It must suck being Friendzoned...

Lethalix responds:

lol xD