Reaching a 100 fans?

2016-01-26 10:23:34 by Lethalix

Holy crap! Currently 95 people have chosen to follow me and stuff. That's kinda mindblowing to me. This has been my dream (dream = making music and people actually likes it) since i was...11 years old? ...yea...and all of you guys and girls who's been following or even just listened once have helped me. Seriously, 21.000 plays on The Force Awakens? That's friggen' mindblowing. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! :D

So, i wonna do something special for 100 followers/fans (whatever you wonna call it). What do you say to QnA? i think that'd be fun. Ask your Questions in the comments (this is gonna be awkward if no one replies) xD

I'd also say thanks to Ocular Sounds for being a bunch of awesome people, always giving feedback when needed and being such good friends :3



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2016-01-26 10:52:40


Lethalix responds:

Thanks :)


2016-01-26 10:58:33

96 fans* :)

Lethalix responds:

haha xD
Thanks man! :D


2016-01-26 11:22:29

You're a little close than us... congrats!

Lethalix responds:

Thanks ;D


2016-01-26 12:26:46

Get to 200!!!

Jimmy Fallon tho xD

What is love?

Lethalix responds:

i answared your question in a video on my Youtube Channel if you wonna see it :D


2016-01-26 12:26:56

My questions is... wait, are you ready... I don't think ur ready... are u ready... ok... ready... my question is... oh crap I forgot! oh now I remember! WHETS NOINE PLUS TEAN!

(Updated ) Lethalix responds:

Thanks m8. i answared your question in a QnA video on my Youtube Channel if you wonna see it :)


2016-01-26 12:32:37

Congratulations :)

Im happy for you

Lethalix responds:

Thank youuuu :D


2016-01-26 13:09:18

Jelly... So jelly...

I only have 68.

Lethalix responds:

only 68? that's a lot mate :D


2016-01-26 13:22:24

Yeah 100 fans :)

Lethalix responds:



2016-01-26 13:45:57

Congrats! I know the feeling. Maybe just do a simple happy loop?

Lethalix responds:

Well i'm doing the QnA that i mentioned and actually i'm working on an EP with 8 songs on it :)


2016-01-26 15:21:43


If an ostrich is made from giraffe juices, how many times do you then have kick a kangorro in the nuts, to make the perfect omulet?

Lethalix responds:

75 75 75 75 75


2016-01-26 19:15:17

Congratulations Leathix! I remember way before you became noticed when we were going to collaborate, but it didn't work out. My question is: What is your favorite all-time song?

Lethalix responds:

Thanks, we should really continue our collab at some point.


2016-01-28 15:36:30

Ya I am all of the awesomeness in Ocular, everyone else is lame AF (lul jk)

For your QnA:
Will Will Smith smith?

Lethalix responds:

Lul i answared your questions in a QnA video on my Youtube Channel if you wonna see it :)


2016-01-29 22:07:49

Hewly crep congratulations Lethal! Soz glad I met you, your music is amazing. ;)

My question: What is life.

Is it 69 (nojk) lelkelleleleloljkl

Lethalix responds:

Thx m69 i answared your (very serious) question in a video on YT if you wonna see it :3


2016-01-31 14:55:30

I love your songs! I wish you were viewed and followed by more people than this...

When did you actually start publicizing your amazing tracks?
What is your favorite track that you have made?
What is your favorite track by anyone other than yourself?

I wish I could make music like you :\
gg no re. I r8 8/8 bcuz it is gr8

(Updated ) Lethalix responds:

Thanks dude :D
i answared your questions in a QnA video on my Youtube Channel if you wonna see it :)


2016-02-02 23:56:42

Congrats dude :3
Now, my question....
Who was your insparation? You know...for making such awesome songs and stuff?

(Updated ) Lethalix responds:

Thanks :D
i answared your question in a QnA video on my Youtube Channel if you wonna see it :)
i'm just about to upload it actually xD


2016-02-07 13:11:06

Congratulations dude! Here's my question: who would you compare yourself to? Or who would you like to be able to compare yourself to? Like, what's the standard in music production that you're striving to reach and hopefully surpass?

(Updated ) Lethalix responds:

Thank you! i answared your questions in a QnA video on my Youtube Channel if you wonna see it :)


2016-02-09 00:55:47

You currently have 108 fans.
108 rhymes with 1738
1738 is a lyric in a song.
Song = music.
Lethalix makes music.
Lethalix posts music on Newgrounds.
Newgrounds logo = tank.
The U.S Army has tanks.
U.S = USA.
USA = 3 letters = 3 sides = Triangle.
Lethalix is Illuminati Confirmed.

Congrats on 100 fans man!

P.S check my latest news post.

Lethalix responds:

How did you know mwahahahaha xD