Eyy, New Stuff and Stuff

2016-05-18 13:48:05 by Lethalix

Eyy everyone! I've been working on a new track that will be released 1 of June. It's future bass with some chiptune in it. Untill now i've spent 22 hours on it in FL Studio. Really excited about this one :3


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2016-05-19 09:16:18

I'm ready to throw 5-star ratings at you

Lethalix responds:

Hahaha thanks xD


2016-05-30 18:02:35

can't wait :3

Lethalix responds:

me neither :3


2016-12-22 14:32:14

Damn ur new songs ... gave me eargasm XD

Lethalix responds:

Haha thank you xD